Hector Pieterson Museum & Umbuyisa Art School

On this Soweto tour, you will delve into an iconic moment in Soweto's history. Meet a veteran who will give you a clear and precise account of historic events as you enjoy the walk. Tours take place daily throughout the year, except for Easter and Christmas holidays.

Meeting Antoinette is literally like meeting a modern day Nelson Mandela. She preaches reconciliation in the most reasonable and sensible way, after witnessing the death of her younger brother who was 11 years old during the most powerful protest in history that took place in 1976 in Soweto.
It is more than an honor to be in her presence as she breaks down the gloomy day of 1976.
While listening to her, you will get disturbed by so many people trying to derail her from her story - people from around the world trying to take pictures with her! But don't worry because it is a private tour.

Antoinette Sithole will give a start to this incredible moving story about Soweto, providing visitors with a full description of events on the fateful day of 1976.
The aim of Antoinette's talk is to make visitors feel as if they were part of the event that took place on June 16th 1976.
The tour ends with the visitors enjoying the pleasurable moment of asking Antoinette valid questions and taking pictures with guests.

Regina mundi
This church was a safe haven for people and groups who were very concerned about Soweto's freedom during the apartheid era. People pretended to be in church services and fake weddings just to be able to host groups meetings. By law, group gatherings were not permitted. Regina Mundi also played a vital role in the famous protest of 1976 by students who were resisting the apartheid regime's orders.
Today, the church stands as a national monument to celebrate the past through story telling - covering detailed stories of what happened during its active years in the struggle for black freedom.

Umbuyisa art school
Umbuyisa art school tour gives you the authentic lifestyle of Soweto. This experience is the fun background noise of kids playing in Vilakazi Street (Nelson Mandela house) that many visitors hardly see, feel or touch.
We give everyone the chance to stop by and say hello to the local community through different forms of interactive activities. One of them is being able to do a cultural exercise through the indigenous Soweto / African games. The art school is dedicated to a heroic figure by the name of Mbuyisa, who came to the rescue of a boy by the name Hector Pieterson that was shot and killed in the most powerful protest of the youth in 1976.

The school gives back to the Soweto community by looking after children and providing aftercare school programs, grooming them to be better human beings as they grow. Established in 2004, its aim is to serve the community by providing sponsored training.

Availability (days & time): 10am-6pm Monday-Sunday
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Wildlife & Safari
History & Heritage
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Duration of the Activity: 5 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15