Charming local guide Ntokozo Dube (also known as TK) specialises in walking tours of Soweto’s Kliptown, a poor neighbourhood with an astonishingly rich history, taking visitors into the heart of the community and connecting them with locals who have engrossing stories to share. Tours are very flexible and adapt to the interests of each group, whether it be the traditional medicine stalls, local workshops, architecture, community gardens, religious practices, graffiti or street food that catches your eye.

Tours start with a visit to the Kliptown Museum on Walter Sisulu Square, where creative and informative displays bring the 1955 Congress of People to life. TK then leads visitors through the streets of Kliptown stopping in at local businesses and places of interest, while sensitively introducing visitors to the local customs and traditions that are specific to the township.

A highlight of every tour is a visit to the extraordinary house-museum of the charismatic local historian and photographer Oom Bolo who regales visitors with eye-opening personal stories of historic Kliptown and life under apartheid and shares the often unknown aspects of Kliptown's 120 years history. Tours also include a visit to the inspirational local NGO, Soweto Kliptown Youth, a community centre providing Kliptown’s neglected children with a range of programmes focused on empowerment and life skills.

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