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About CityZenGuide

CityZenGuide is a platform for anyone looking to experience authentic guided tours hosted by local guides in South Africa.

It is our mission to ease travels in South Africa, gathering the best activities across the country all in one place. Our vision is to help travelers enjoy a memorable experience, giving them direct access to a variety of bookable activities, unique and affordable to anyone.

Our online experiences are designed and led by professional tour guides, knowledgeable and passionate about showcasing what makes their community unique. Thanks to their expertise, problems such as security, accessibility and local knowledge are no longer issues for adventurous travelers.

Because our inclusive approach takes into consideration all our traveler's needs, we also offer bespoke guided tours, provide free travel advice and share the best travel tips on things to do in South Africa.

In addition to helping people enjoy an amazing experience, we are working to empower thousands of people around South Africa, giving them the opportunity to connect with millions of travelers from around the world and generate more revenue whilst sharing their passion with others.